Carter comes to Brandeis

In “Publicity stunt” Seth Gitell comments on Brandeis University providing a venue for Jimmy Carter and his campaign of anti-Israel, anti-Jewish defamation. If Carter fields any questions after his speech tonight, CAMERA’s just-released comprehensive compendium of Carter’s errors will come in handy. In a message sending us the link, CAMERA senior research analyst Gilead Ini writes:

I thought you might be interested in this itemized list we put together of all — or rather, “most” is probably a safer bet — of Jimmy Carter’s recent errors. Not surprisingly, it’s a long piece.

At the home page of CAMERA, the organization has posted what looks like a mug shot of Carter. The mug shot accompanies links to the compendium of Carter errors as well as CAMERA’s round-up of commentary on Carter’s book.
UPDATE: At NRO, Claudia Rosett follows the money: “The question of Carter’s cash.”


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