Hillary’s blogad buy

There’s been a fair amount of commentary on Hillary Clinton’s initial decision to place ads on a few conservative blogs including Power Line. William Beutler has a good summary and discussion. I never actually saw her ad on Power Line, and Beutler says it was pulled (but we still get paid for the week). In any case, it seems that Hillary’s critics on left want to use her conservative blogad buy against her.
At Power Line, we’ll run ads by just about anyone. At various times, the Dixie Chicks, Keith Olbermann’s show, the New York Times, and the Democratic National Committee have all bought space. My only objection was to the ad in which Olbermann held President Bush’s head in a platter or some such deranged thing. We won’t run ads by totalitarian-minded organizations, pornographers, and the like, but our restrictions end roughly there.
The more interesting question is why Hillary’s campaign would want to advertise on Power Line. I don’t know the answer. I do know (and I’m proud to say) that we are read by more than a de minimis number of liberals, moderate Democrats, and independents. Whether we are read by enough of them to make it worthwhile, from a cost-bentift standpoint, for her to advertise with us is another matter.
UPDATE: In 2005, Ed Klein wrote a biography of Hillary Clinton that included material I thought was thinly supported and not appropriate for airing. Along with John, I criticized the book on Power Line without realizing that we were running a blogad for it at the time. Had I known, I would have favored running the ad, pursuant to the liberal policy described above. As I recall, the publisher pulled the ad soon after my post.


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