The day John met Paul

PaulJohnTrophies209 (2).jpg
In Beatles lore it’s known as the day John met Paul. In Power Line lore it is the day in 1969 when two junior high school students disguised as Dartmouth sophomores won a debate tournament. And a partnership was formed.
JOHN adds: Yikes! That’s some haircut. I think this was taken when I’d just completed a hunger strike, too.
If I’m not mistaken, this was after a tournament at the University of Miami. The tournament was around this time of year, and Paul and I trekked down to Miami with our coach, bundled up in our winter coats. It was quite a revelation: the student union at Miami was a swimming pool.
Now we’ll have to come up with a really hideous shot of Scott.
PAUL adds: I remember it like it was 25 years ago. We almost lost quarterfinals because we couldn’t find the room. We almost lost semifinals because Emory was very good (one of their two debaters was Richard Willard who would become prominent in the Reagan and Bush I Justice Departments). We almost lost finals because I couldn’t figure out what to say about the odd-ball Rutgers case. But John kept dazzling the judges with references to Plato and Aristotle.


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