My Jimmy problem–and ours

Emory University Professor Kenneth Stein is the founding director of the Carter Center (1983-86) and the long time Carter Center fellow who resigned in disgust over Carter’s new book. The Middle East Quarterly has just posted Professor Stein’s important essay on the book: “My problem with Jimmy Carter’s book.” The accompanying press release explains:

In the review, Stein documents not only the historical inaccuracies that permeate the book but also Carter’s falsification of conversations. Stein served as Carter’s aide and note-taker during the former President’s Middle East trips and meetings with foreign leaders, retaining copies of his notes. He juxtaposes those with relevant passage of Carter’s book to show their differences. Stein also explores the evolution of Carter’s views, and highlights the former president’s lasting grudge toward the late Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, whom Carter blames in part for his 1980 election defeat.


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