Northern Alliance, Hour Two

The second hour of last Saturday’s radio show was really excellent, I think. We discussed and contrasted two stories, one of which is in the news, the other of which isn’t: Scooter Libby and Sandy Berger. We played, for those who haven’t heard it, the hilarious “Sandy Berger Can,” winner of Bill Bennett’s Sandy Berger song contest.
We moved on to the story that Scott broke several years ago and has recently returned to, the murder of two American diplomats at the order of Yasser Arafat, and the coverup of that murder for more than 30 years by the State Department.
We played the latest single by the Right Brothers, “The List,” and urged our listeners to participate in the Brothers’ plan to create an all-amateur video for the song. And we concluded by awarding our Gatekeeper of the Week award to a certain local newspaper that made a false accusation against a certain local web site.
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