Media alert

I taped a short segment of the Danger Zone radio program with Ambassador Richard Carlson and Col. Bill Cowan that will be broadcast on tonight’s show. In the segment I briefly recount the story told in the Weekly Standard article “How Arafat Got Away with Murder.” Danger Zone airs on Sunday nights from 9-10 p.m. (Eastern) on 630 WMAL in Washington and on the Internet here. Danger Zone shows are archived and available by podcast at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies site.
Ambassador Carlson is the vice chairman of the FDD and was the director of the Voice of America for the last six years of the Cold War, the longest running director-general in the 50-year history of VOA. His FDD profile is here. Col. Cowan is the FOX News analyst and Marine Corps veteran. He served in Vietnam and subsequently participated in hair raising missions in the Middle East. Despite the brevity of the segment it was an honor to join Ambassador Carlson and Col. Cowan on the show.


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