Mr. Wynn’s elbow

Last week I complained that Contentions — Commentary’s new blog — had an excessive pool of talent on which to draw. Included among the Contentions contributors are magazine regulars Gabriel Schoenfeld, Terry Teachout, Joshua Muravchik and David Gelernter. Adding insult to injury, the blog then began to raid the Commentary archives, posting Weekend Reading — short stories by Saul Bellow, Bernard Malamud, Isaac Singer, Cynthia Ozick and others — drawn from Commentary’s vault.
This week the blog is featuring an exchange on Iraq between Victor Davis Hanson (round one here) and Max Boot (round one here). For a perfect glimpse of what knowledge matched with subject can add to a story, see the brief post by Williams College art history professor (and Commentary regular) Michael J. Lewis: “Mr. Wynn’s elbow.”


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