One of the many irritating things about Paul Pillar’s column in the Washington Post, which we discussed here earlier today, was his claim that the Bush administration is “taking confrontational steps” against Iran, “that increase the chance of heightened tension escalating into a military clash.” No mention of the many acts of war on Iran’s part that are killing American soldiers in Iraq, most notoriously supplying insurgent groups with training and sophisticated IEDs.
And maybe more. The U.S. government has now confirmed that four American helicopters have been shot down in the last two weeks. (Via Power Line News.) Which leads me back to a post, a few days ago, by Blog of the Week Jules Crittenden:

Milblogger Dadmanly on Iran in Iraq:

I had a chat today with my former OIF Company Commander. We spoke of the bug-swarm of Presidential wannabes, and then turned to the subject of Iran. How desperately important is has long been, to send Iran a message that can


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