My friend, the climate criminal

My friend Steve Hayward writes:

Some of you beyond the Beltway may have seen stories that have been given big play here and abroad over the last week alleging that I have attempted to bribe scientists to undermine a UN report. These ludicrous charges originated in a British tabloid [London Guardian] report, which were reckless and lazy even by tabloid reporting standards. But they were picked up credulously by the U.S. media and of course by politicians who now threaten me darkly with the prospect of show trial hearings.
The full background, including the relevant internal documents and the reply of my ultimate boss to a very silly letter from four very silly senators, in posted on AEI’s website here.
More to the point, my colleague Ken Green and I respond fully in The Weekly Standard here (read this for the shorter version of the whole thing).

Peter Schramm of No Left Turns has posted a podcast with Steve here, explaining how this is “much ado about nothing.”


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