Blog to the chief

Last night I appeared as part of the Blog to the Chief panel discussion hosted by the University of Kansas’s Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics and moderated by Professor David Perlmutter. Answering the call put out by Professor Perlmutter to appear on the panel were Jerome Armstrong, Erick Erickson, Patrick Hynes and Joan McCarter (links to the panelists’ sites are accessible here).
Senator Dole was an undergraduate student at the University of Kansas when he joined the Army in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor. Senator Dole has contibuted his papers to the University of Kansas and the Dole Institute has created an archive of his papers and memorabilia. The Insitute’s main hall, where the panel discussion took place, depicts Senator Dole’s military service and public career. I was awed by the display and the archive. Institute director Bill Lacy and the Institute staff could not have been more hospitable.
The Dole Institute Blog has posted a video of last night’s panel discussion here. The discussion was long on the nuts and bolts aspect of running political campaigns in the age of the Internet, but the participants (other than me) knew what they were talking about. As for me, I don’t think I even agree with my own contribution to the discussion. But I enjoyed listening to Professor Perlmutter and to the panelists. I invite you to give the video a try if you think you might find it of interest.


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