Postwar planning, from one who reported on it three years ago

In “Delusions, real and imaginary,” John wrote about the Power Point slides that are now being publicized by the National Security Archive at George Washington University. The slides were prepared by the military for President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld prior to the Iraq war. They lay out various contingencies for the military conflict that ensued in the spring of 2003. The New York Times, the AP and CNN have dutifully followed the cues of the National Security Archive and treated the slides as news.
Rowan Scarborough is the former Washington Times Pentagon reporter who now mans the national security beat for the Washington Examiner. Scarborough first reported on the slide presentation three years ago in his book Rumsfeld’s War. Scarborough actually reproduced three illustrative slides of the final draft of the presentation that went to the Pentagon in January 2003 in the appendix to Rumsfeld’s War. (The slide in John’s post is not the final document.) Any guess as to why the New York Times et al. are retailing the slides as a news story now?


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