A footnote on Victoria Toensing’s column

A reader emails an important exception to Victoria Toensing’s excellent “Trial in errot” column in yesterday’s Washington Post, which I noted here:

My first reservation is that VT didn’t focus more attention on Fitzgerald’s abuse of the Grand Jury process. Rove and Libby were required to testify before the grand jury FIVE TIMES, thanks to their boss’s requirement that his employees renounce their constitutional rights. Ordinary Department of Justice procedure bans the use of the grand jury to set perjury traps for targets of investigations, and calling anyone before a grand jury five times is almost unheard of. Yes, I know that Fitzgerald sent their lawyers a letter stating that they weren’t targets, but who’s kidding whom?
My second reservation addresses one aspect of what Power Line and others have termed the Bureaucracy’s War against the Administration.
Like most writers on this subject (Byron York is another example) VT stops just short of calling a spade a spade: she just won’t come right out and say, this is a politically motivated and knowing abuse of the grand jury system and of the criminal justice system in general.
This hesitancy manifests itself in several places. The most obvious is this:

THIS GRAND JURY CHARGES THE CIA for making a boilerplate criminal referral to cover its derri


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