John Edwards finds Israel the biggest threat to world peace

We’re used to seeing polls in which Europeans rate Israel as the biggest threat to world peace (or running neck-and-neck with President Bush for that honor). But according to this report, John Edwards made the same claim to a gathering in Hollywood, stating that the propsect that Israel might bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities is perhaps the greatest short-term threat to world peace.
Edwards thus presented his Hollywood audience with perhaps the only bit of far left dogma it was unlikely to swallow and digest. Considering this report (if true) in conjunction with the Amanda Marcotte drama, you have to wonder whether Edwards is too tone deaf to mount a serious run for the presidency, and perhaps too stupid to serve as president.
Via The Hillary Spot.
JOHN adds: I think that Edwards is unserious as a candidate. Another instance of this is his construction of a 28,000 square foot mansion with attached sports complex at the same time he’s touring around, giving his “Two Americas” speech. I don’t think a man who really wants to be President would do that. I think he enjoys being a celebrity; his wife is a leftist and he may be too; no doubt they enjoy the attention of lefties in Hollywood and elsewhere; and he’s rich and needs to fill his days somehow. But I don’t think he’s particularly serious about being President, nor do I think he could mount a strong campaign even if he were.
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