D’Souza goes native

The New Criterion (subscribe here) is one of my favorite magazines. I have been a charter subscriber since it opened up for business 25 years ago and saluted it as it kicked off the festivities marking its twenty-fifth anniversary here. I wrote about Dinesh D’Souza’s The Enemy At Home briefly in “A wretched stew,” but was especially honored when editor Roger Kimball and managing editor James Panero subsequently invited me to submit a review of the book for the magazine’s March issue.
I took them up on their invitation. Under their tutelage the review grew into the essay that leads off the March issue. They have kindly posted it online in advance of the rest of the March issue that will go up on the home page on March 1. I’ll have more to say about D’Souza’s book on Power Line over the next several days, but tonight I only want to draw your attention to the piece and ask you to take a look: “D’Souza goes native.”


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