The Flying imams: The ambush interview

Charles Johnson has posted a video of the KSTP (Twin Cities) News report on the case of the flying imams. KSTP reporter Bob McNaney gets an ambush interview with flying imams’ ringleader Omar Shahin in which Shahin lies about the seat belt extension he requested and placed beneath his seat on the flight from which he was removed. The KSTP report contrasts Shahin’s statement now with his news conference at the time the incident was staged (Charles calls it “Islamic grievance theater”). The report is a little late, but is nevertheless a devastating revelation of what the show was all about. Recall the participation of CAIR and Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison– who had spoken to the imams at their private conference in Bloomington the previous Saturday evening before the incident at the airport on Monday — and you get a sense of the murderers’ row of grievance mongers behind this fabricated showstopper.
JOHN adds: Here is the video. It may take a few seconds for it to start up. Feel free to copy the embed code if you would like to put it up.

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