RCP: The Romney interview

Governor Romney sat down for a recorded interview with Tom Bevan of RealClearPolitics. RCP has posted the interview here. It is an interesting interview that is worth reading in its entirety. Toward the end of the interview Tom asks Governor Romney to name his favorite president. Great question!
Governor Romney names several favorites and good-naturedly professes love for all former presidents. I think that the unlovable James Buchanan has earned the distinction of being America’s worst president and that Jimmy Carter’s presidency is somewhere down at the bottom of the heap as well. While it is probably imprudent for a candidate to speak ill of a living president, no such contstraint applies to Buchanan. In any event, read the whole thing.
UPDATE: An attentive reader chides me for taking Governor Romney’s profession of love for all former presidents seriously when he was almost certainly being facetious. I think that is a point well taken. The same reader adds: “The RCP interview has to be the first ever to deal with Mitt


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