A season to remember?

Long-time readers probably know that I’m anything but a fan of Duke University sports. In fact, the biggest victories I root for in sports every year are Everton over Liverpool in soccer; the Redskins over Dallas in football; and Maryland over Duke in basketball. (There are a minimum of six such contests each year, and many years I’m lucky if I get satisfaction once).
However, I’ve decided to follow and root for the Duke lacrosse team this year. Not that its veteran players were saints in connection with the events leading to the rape charges that aborted Duke’s lacrosse season last year. But the team members’ conduct was so far from justifying being deprived of their season, and of any suuport from Duke’s deplorable adminstration, that I can’t resist pulling for them for just this one season. And what a sports story it would be if Duke were to win the national championship this year — something my sources say is certainly possible.
The team is off to a good start, having defeated Dartmouth (before I decided to pull for Duke) and Denver. It looks like a wide open year, moreover, with powerhouses Syracuse and Johns Hopkins having already lost (to Army and Albany, respectively).
I’ll try to stay on top of this story and provide periodic reports. Meanwhile, though, the three accused Duke players still face criminal charges, albeit reduced ones, and their legal fees have already reached the $3 million mark. Those who would like to help them with these fees can do so by going here.


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