May the hairier party’s candidate win

The Boston Globe has obtained a copy of consultant Alex Castellanos’s 77-slide Power Point presentation on the Romney campaign. The Globe story by Scott Helman is of interest in several respects. Perhaps most striking, as our friend Hugh Hewitt comments herehere, is the fact that the Globe has posted precisely one of the 77 slides to accompany the online version of the story.
According to Helman, Castellanos’s analysis of voter comments indicates that Governor Romney’s hair is an object of concern — it’s too good. Was there no concern among voters that Governor Romney’s wife is too attractive? And what about voter comments on the other candidates’ hair? Perhaps Speaker Gingrich and Governor Cuomo can work this into their discussion at Cooper Union tomorrow night. In the meantime, we can meditate on facial hair and presidential elections. The verdict of history: Republicans have been the hairier party.
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