The News War, cont’d

Michael Freund of Israel National News has an interesting Jerusalem Post column on the uses of the blogosphere in countering the Arab propaganda war against Israel: “Right on! Circumvent old meda — go for the blogosphere.” Michael includes a list of blogs that have in his view proved adept in seeking to circulate the truth in matters related to Israel (to which I’m adding links):

As a blogger myself, I often find better and more timely analysis on the Web than in the mainstream media. Indeed, some of Israel’s best friends and most articulate defenders can be found in the blogosphere, where sites such as Little Green Footballs, Powerline, Atlas Shrugs, Hugh Hewitt, Debbie Schlussel and Instapundit all provide a refreshing alternative to the moral relativism and politically correct anti-Israel blather of the media.

Check ’em all out.
On the same subject, Frontline continued its News War series last night with part 3. I didn’t get a chance to see it, so I don’t know if it included any of the interviews that Frontline conducted with us about Power Line last August. On its interviews page Frontline has in any event now posted edited transcripts of its interviews with John and me. The series concludes with the broadcast of part 4 on March 27.
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