Enabling Union Thugs

Most of what the Democrats want to do in Congress is just unwise, but H.R. 800, the Worker Compulsion Act, is vile. The statute, a thank-you to organized labor for its role in November’s elections, would deprive American workers of the right to a secret ballot in union certification elections.
The secret ballot is a fundamental tenet of any effective democracy, and has been part of American labor law for many years. There is no possible explanation for why the Democrats want to abolish the secret ballot, other than the truth: they are trying to enable coercion and intimidation by union thugs. As Brian Kennedy put it, “this bill will effectively limit worker choices to joining a union or having their knee-caps broken.” The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves.
A vote on the Worker Compulsion Act is expected in the House today.
UPDATE: This video comes from Eric Cantor’s office; it sums up the argument in favor of the secret ballot and against the Worker Compulsion Act:

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