Lindsey Graham strikes again?

ConfirmThem has a disturbing report on the circuit court of appeals nomination front.

The backlog in Fourth Circuit nominations is being caused by Senators Webb and Graham. Webb is a first-class jackass, and refuses to work with Senator Warner to get these vacancies filled. Graham apparently wants some liberal, life-long democrat or a left-leaning intellectual lightweight to be nominated to the South Carolina seat. . . .

I don’t know whether the report about Graham is true (there can be little doubt about Webb), but it wouldn’t be out-of-character for the Arlen Specter of the South to be acting this way.
ConfirmThem says that President Bush is resisting Graham’s effort to bestow a critical spot on the Fourth Circuit upon a liberal. However, Graham’s behavior (if accurately reported) could prevent Bush from getting a non-activist judge confirmed.
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