A hung jury?

Byron York suggests that the Scooter Libby trial might well be headed toward a hung jury:

Today was Day Seven, and the jury has asked to be let out early tomorrow, which will be Day Eight. Everyone, including Judge Walton, has taken that as a sign that jurors know they won’t have a verdict tomorrow, meaning that deliberations will stretch at least into Day Nine on Monday. . . .
Most observers think that protracted negotiations point to the possibility of a hung jury and a mistrial, as jurors realize they are unable to reach a decision. The case is somewhat complicated, but it’s not that complicated; a verdict could reasonably be expected by now. Nevertheless, jurors have not told the judge that they can’t reach a verdict, and even if that happens, the judge would undoubtedly tell them to go back and try harder, leading to more deliberations.

Today, one of the jurors asked the judge for a dictionary. If I were in the seven day of jury deliberations, I’d probably be asking for the Baseball Encyclopedia.
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