Portrait of the statist as a young lady

MSNBC has a report on Hillary Clinton’s senior thesis — the one she wrote in 1969 as a 21 year old Wellesley student about radical activist Saul Alinski. Over at the AOL blog, I contend that, while the story is an intersting one to an aging ex-radical like me, it isn’t likely to mean anything in the 2008 election.
Why, you might ask, did the Clintons block access to the thesis for many years? Because they are the Clintons. I guess this is another instance in which the “cover-up” has more meaning than the story itself.
JOHN adds: Blocking access was dumb, but beyond that I’m with Hillary on this one. If anyone had read anything I wrote about politics when I was a college student, it would have provided no clue whatsoever to my present inclinations; on the contrary. Hillary, like everyone else, is entitled to be judged on her public record, not on what she wrote nearly forty years ago as an undergraduate.
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