Not Sal Bando or Joe Rudi?

Hugh Hewitt helped make Power Line what it is, so I was delighted to learn that he considers us the early 1970s Oakland A’s of blogging. I was less delighted with the roles he assigned us as individuals — John is Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson; Scott is Hall of Famer Rollie Fingers; I’m Ray Fosse, a career .256 hitter.
But then I remembered that Hugh’s a Cleveland guy, and Fosse was a star for the Tribe, at least until Pete Rose took him out at home plate in the 1970 All Star game. I also recall that Fosse suffered a severe neck injury trying to break up a clubhouse fight involving Reggie Jackson (but not Rollie Fingers).
JOHN adds: Like Reggie Jackson, I’m overrated. I’m not sure where the similarity between Scott and Rollie Fingers lies; certainly not in the moustache. And Ray Fosse is a puzzler. I’d say we’re more like the 1965 Minnesota Twins. I’m Camilo Pascual; Scott is Harmon Killebrew; Paul is Earl Battey.
PAUL adds: The late Earl Battey played a year in Washington before the Senators moved to Minnesota. He was one of my favorites. I wrote a few sentences about him here.
SCOTT adds: Hugh likens his team at Hugh Hewitt, now including Dean Barnett and Patrick Ruffini, to the 1927 Yankees. I don’t disagree, but I think that Hugh all by himself is like the 1927 Yankees.
JOHN demurs: Oh, puh-leeze. Hugh by himself is more the Mario Mendoza of blogging.
PAUL notes: Hugh is the Bob Gibson of radio interviewing.
Anyone who feels like proposing alternate baseball analogies can post them here.


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