Global Warming in Duluth

If you’ve been spooked by the non-stop publicity given to global warming hysteria over the last few weeks, you may find it refreshing to learn that here in Minnesota, we’ve been hit by one snowstorm after another. It was Duluth that endured the really epic blast: 20 inches of snow, accompanied by 60 mph winds off Lake Superior that created fifteen-foot snow drifts. This was the kind of blizzard some of us remember from childhood. The Duluth News Tribune had this photo of drifts that just about obscured two-story houses; click to enlarge:

And I love this shot from the Minneapolis Star Tribune of a Duluth guy trying to dig out his girlfriend’s car:
Must be true love. Here in Minneapolis, we got a foot or two of snow. After three days of snow and cloudy skies, this morning dawned sunny and beautiful. Sometimes I think winter is the best season of all. I took this photo off my deck; click to enlarge:

For the first hour of this morning’s radio show, we talked about the weather. We started out talking about what a beautiful day it was, and how much fun it was go get a lot of snow. That naturally led to a conversation about global warming and liberal hypocrisy, which led to lots of calls. Before we knew it, the hour was nearly over. We had just enough time to present our Loon of the Week award to a television personality who narrowly beat out another television personality for the honor.
It was a very fun hour. You can download or just listen to the podcast here. Or, as always, you can subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes by going here.
Here is a clip from the show:

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