A word from Col. Horvath

Counterinsurgency Center Acting Commandant Jan Horvath writes from Camp Taji with an update on the contributions of books from readers:

I am writing to acknowledge your multiple gifts of books to the COIN Center for Excellence. More than 100 people from multiple nations have sent books to us, and we appreciate each and every donor. Their gifts speak to their generosity, thoughtfulness (because they have provided so many of the specific types of books we requested) and their patriotism.
I appreciate their patriotism the most because we represent the greatest Nation on the face of the Earth, and they should be proud of that Nation, their citizenship, and the Forces that represent and defend that Nation. As I have stated, we are your Army, Marine Corps, Air Force and Navy.
I prepared and sent Approx 30+ letters around Christmas to thank people, but I have been too busy to complete the task. Our Adjutant from Wisconsin is currently preparing the other thank you letters for my signature. Those letters should be enroute to the US shortly.
You have all unselfishly played a critical part in putting together one of the best, if not the best library in theater. We have had as many as 250-500 of those great books move out from our camp and into theater, and yet we still have a terrific library which stimulates leaders’ thinking and provides ideas we can use tomorrow in Iraq. A number of the books provide great recreational reading – perfect as well. Many of you have been unabashedly over-generous, and we appreciate it more than we can appropriately express in writing. We educate and dialogue with so many of your sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives – they are doing you proud.
We see currently a more upbeat, daily attitude from everyone throughout theater. War often shares similarities to games such as football and chess, and the surge strategy seems to emphasize characteristics from both of those contests. Interestingly, many people see a momentum shift. Yet, there is still too much to do to rely upon transitory patterns and to predict anything.
In closing, may I once again say “thank you,” and reiterate how much we appreciate your thoughts, gifts and contributions. We are using them wisely. Attitude and timing mean so much in life, and yours and that of your readers has been terrific!
I remain very respectfully,
Jan Horvath
Acting Commandant

I believe that books can still be sent to Col. Horvath at the following address:

Lt. Col. Jan Horvath
Headquarters COIN CFE
Camp Taji, Iraq
APO AE 09378

Thanks to all our readers who have answered the call to “put out more books.” And thanks to all those who are giving their all on our behalf.
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