Yes, that’s all there is

The dust has barely settled in the courthouse here in Washington, but the rabid Bush-hating left is proclaiming Vice President Cheney guilty, and in the case of Andrew Sullivan, calling for Cheney’s impeachment. The momentary rush of the guilty verdict apparently has been replaced by a bitter-sweet “is that all there is?” sensation.
Patrick Fitzgerald has told the press that the Libby conviction will indeed be “all there is.” And what is it? A conviction, in essence, for making false statements to the grand jury. That’s a serious offense, but not one that Cheney committed.
The haters of Bush and Cheney will argue, as one of the leftists at the AOL blog does, that Libby’s false statements have prevented Cheney’s alleged misdeeds in “outing” Valerie Plame from seeing the light of day. But it’s known that Richard Armitage “outed” her and he has not been prosecuted. The reason is that there’s no crime there.


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