Hashemite chutzpah

Yesterday we heard from one of those Arab rulers — King Abdullah II of Jordan — whose legitimacy is of the hand me down variety. Why Congress accorded him the honor of convening in joint session to hear him is beyond me. He took the occasion to put on a display of chutzpah, imputing to Israel the crime of Palestinian “dispossession” that can most appropriately be placed at his family’s feet. The New York Sun notes the irony in an editorial that should be headlined “Hashemite chutzpah.” The King, incidentally, did not mention Hamas. As a bonus, however, the King did mention and promote the faux Saudi “peace plan” that another tribal monarch pulled out of his desk specially for Tom Friedman in February 2002. How about a joint session of Congress to hear from Natan Sharansky? Or Gerry Kasparov? Or Armando Valladares?
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