Don’t forget to swear her in

Byron York points out:

If Valerie Plame Wilson testifies before Congress, she will likely be asked detailed questions about her job status. Judge Reggie Walton tried, unsuccessfully, to keep the issue out of the Libby trial. But as Henry Waxman pointed out, that was a narrow legal proceeding, and a congressional hearing would have a broader scope.
So Mrs. Wilson will likely be asked what years she operated under non-official cover. She will likely be asked about her return to the United States, about her maternity leave, and about her job description when she returned to work. She will likely be asked whether that job description could accurately be called covert. She will likely be asked whether her area of work had changed, or was changing, at the time of Robert Novak’s July 14, 2003 column that mentioned her name. And she will likely be asked what, if any, damage to national security resulted from the publication of her name.
These questions have never been answered publicly


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