Hagel’s phenomenology

Is there a market for Chuck Hagel as a presidential candidate in the Republican Party? Short answer: No. Is there some scenario under which he could become a plausible candidate for president in the Republican Party? Short answer: No. Why then is he expected to announce his candidacy this coming Monday? To quote another man who I think would make a more plausible Republican presidential candidate: “The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.”
Despite his impressive biography, I don’t think one can even postulate an interest in his selection as a vice presidential candidate as the reason for his candidacy. He would be as likely to subtract support from the Republican ticket as add to it. I do think his candidacy sets the stage for the perfect bipartisan debate — one between Hagel and Chris Dodd — following which we could take a poll on who more enjoys listening to the sound of his own voice. It is the only poll I can think of that Hagel might win.
Today Richard Baehr takes a look at the state of the race on the Republican side. Not surprisingly, Senator Hagel does not figure in Baehr’s analysis. It is a companion to his analyisis of the state of the race on the Democratic side. Both are enjoyable reading.
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