What’s New at the Forum

The Power Line Forum has become one of the popular places on the web for conservatives (and, thankfully, some liberals) to gather. This morning, there are lots of new conversations going on. In the General Discussion forum, the economy and the Libby verdict are hot topics, along with many more. Here’s one I’d never heard about: San Francisco’s new Federal Building, a bizarre-sounding model of eco-friendly design, where the elevators only stop on every third floor.
In Election 2008, participants are furiously debating the merits of the potential Republican candidates. There’s lots of action in Media Bias, including the left’s war against Fox News. In The Global War on Terror, the Democrats’ cut and run policy is generally unpopular.
In Academic Absurdities, one of the new topics is San Francisco State’s solicitude for the dignity of Allah. In the Power Line Forum, readers are commenting on our posts; if you disagree with us, that’s your opportunity to be heard.
In Patsy’s, the culture and arts forum–loosely defined–you can talk about Dean Reed, the Red Elvis, Katie Couric’s travails, snappy album art, and my own recommendation for a guilty pleasure in fiction.
There is always a lot going on at the Forum; if you haven’t already registered, it takes only a moment; register, and jump on in.


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