Historical Irony in South America

President Bush is in South America, and whatever he is actually doing there is generally overshadowed in news accounts by the fact that protesters have turned out to accuse him of being a Nazi. This is typical:
And this:
This banner, which was openly displayed next to one of the hotels President Bush stayed in, explicitly called for violence:
I always wonder, when I see these “Bushitler” demonstrators in foreign countries, whether American liberals feel any pangs of guilt when they see the mindlessness they spawned here in America spreading abroad. Probably not; probably they’re proud of themselves.
We’ll return to the Hitler theme in a moment, but first, I have to acknowledge that Latin American protesters–some of them, anyway–do have a certain flair. This guy is protesting the deforestation of the rain forest, but what that has to do with President Bush, I have no idea. Doesn’t matter; we Americans are responsible for everything:
And this young Brazilian lady, described as a student, deserves extra credit for putting her anti-Bush stickers to a constructive use. Who knows, maybe some deforestation would be avoided if political stickers replaced clothing:
OK, now back to our Bushitler theme. This very fancy banner, featuring Juan and Eva Peron, fluttered over an anti-Bushitler rally in Buenos Aires:
Now here is the historical irony: Peron actually was a fascist. During World War II, he openly admired and supported Adolf Hitler. Now, at left-wing rallies in Latin America, they wave Peron banners, cheer Hugh Chavez, and draw Hitler mustaches on President Bush. The convergence of the far left and the far right is complete, and they don’t make any more sense together than they did separately.
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