Traveling Imams to Sue

We have covered, from the beginning, the story of the Six Traveling Imams who were kicked off a US Airways flight at the Twin Cities airport, as they were en route to Phoenix following an imams’ convention in Minneapolis. See, for example, here and here.
The incident appeared to be a deliberate provocation by the imams, who wanted to bring about a scene that could lead to protests, investigations, and litigation. The next–by no means last–shoe has now dropped, as the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported today that the imams will sue US Airways for discrimination. Who made the announcement? CAIR, who else? The formerly loquacious leader of the imams is now referring all questions to that organization.
Note, too, how fragmentary is the description of the facts of the case in the linked AP account. Much more is known about the passengers’ and crew’s grounds for concern than is itemized in the article.
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