Buy Hugh’s Book!

I got Hugh Hewitt’s new book, A Mormon in the White House?, in the mail yesterday, and started reading it last night. I was going to wait to review it until I’d actually finished it–my usual practice–but then I realized that Hugh quotes me near the end. So I thought I’d go ahead and plug it now.
I was surprised when Hugh told me last summer that he was working on a book about Mitt Romney. At that time, I knew little about Romney and didn’t take him seriously as a Presidential contender. Since then, I’ve learned a lot more, and have come to be very impressed by him. I haven’t made a choice yet in the ’08 race, but, like a lot of conservatives, when I think about whom I’d like to see as President–as opposed to who I think can win–my thoughts tend to gravitate toward Romney, in part because of his extraordinary business experience.
Whether a candidate like Romney can win, of course, depends on how many people take the trouble to investigate him. So I urge you to read Hugh’s book, not only because I’m sure it’s well-written and fun to read, like all of Hugh’s books, but because I think it’s important that conservatives take a hard and well-informed look at a candidate who now, clearly, is a serious contender for the Republican nomination. Clicking on the graphic below will take you straight to the Amazon page where you can buy the book.


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