The “scandal” that refuses to grow

I’m being a bit facetious in describing the controversy over the eight fired U.S. Attorneys that way — a scandal may yet emerge as new facts come to light. But, as I explain at the AOL blog, the latest “revelations” that ABC News breathlessly touts in a piece about a few about-to-be-released emails, aren’t “growing” the “scandal.”
JOHN adds: There is something ludicrous about the Democrats’ effort to turn this “issue” into a scandal. The lack of any apparent substance doesn’t deter the Dems’ huffing and puffing. Tonight, Howard Dean sent an email to the Democrat faithful, titled “How Far Does This Go?” that began:

This could be George Bush’s Watergate.
Eight U.S. Attorneys, fired because they wouldn’t follow orders by the Bush Administration.
Fired because they refused to go on witch-hunts against Democrats, or ignored the Republicans’ blatant disregard for the law. Fired so that they could be replaced by talking heads and loyalists of the Bush Administration.

What Dean describes is, as usual, an alternative universe.
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