A non-column on a non-scandal

The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson claims to have identified the “hallmark” of the Bush administration — its “arrogance.” I think I’ve discovered the hallmark of hack liberal columnists — level allegations of arrogance when you’re too lazy or incompetent to provide any analysis.
Robinson considers it “arrogant” of the administration to have fired eight U.S. attorneys. But there’s nothing arrogant about replacing prosecutors who either weren’t performing well in general or weren’t prosecuting certain types of crimes the administration justifiably considered important.
Of course, it might be the case that some of the eight prosecutors don’t actually fit that description. Or there might be other evidence that shows the proffered reasons for the firings to be pretexts. But making that case would require effort and analysis. And Eugene Robinson, hands down the Washington Post’s worst columnist, doesn’t do effort or analysis.
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