A word from Roger Kimball

Roger Kimball is the publisher and editor of the New Criterion and the man to whom National Review turned for a review of Dinesh D’Souza’s very bad new book for NR’s March 5 issue. Roger and New Criterion managing editor James Panero invited me to review the book for the New Criterion itself; my review is here. The New Criterion blog Armavirumque has followed up with posts here by James and here by Stefan Beck.
Having read his book closely, I have found it an educational, i.e., shocking, experience to watch D’Souza respond to his critics at his AOL blog and in his four-part NRO series that Victor Davis Hanson described as “suicidal.” NRO allowed Dean Barnett, Peter Berkowitz, me, Roger, Stanley Kurtz, and Robert Spencer to respond here. Robert Spencer comments a bit more here and here.
Roger Kimball has sent me a copy of his email message to Robert Spencer in which Roger takes a look back at the proceedings:

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