The new John Doe movement

In “Meet John Doe” last week, we noted the lawsuit brought by the flying imams. The complaint names a number of “John Doe” defendants — unidentified passengers who had the gall to raise their concerns with the flight staff of the US Airways flight they were on. The flying imams assert discrimination claims against these John Doe defendants. In my post I suggested that the flying imams may give rise to a new “John Doe Movement” of the kind portrayed in the Frank Capra film “Meet John Doe.”
We’ve already heard from a local attorney or two who have agreed to represent on a pro bono basis any John Doe defendants brought into the lawsuit. Minneapolis advertising man Bruce Schultz has created a logo (above) that we could apply to t-shirts and bumper stickers to raise money for a John Doe defense fund. He writes: “Maybe we should start a John Doe club of our own. This one would be to demonstrate that we stand behind the U.S. Air passengers who may be forced into court, hiring attorneys, etc.” He thinks “a lot of people would line up to support the John Does.” So do we.


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