“A little intifada, right in the middle of Montreal”

Martin Himel’s documentary “Confrontation at Concordia” explores the 2002 takeover of Montreal’s Concordia University by an Islamist student contingent. Charles Johnson described the documentary as showing “a little intifada, right in the middle of Montreal.” Charles credited IDF Dave for uploading the documentary.
Because of references to “radical Islam,” the powers-that-be at YouTube partially deleted parts 1 and 5 of “Confrontation at Concordia” after we flagged it last week. When IDF Dave reloaded the deleted parts at YouTube over the weekend, we asked Joe Malchow to upload all five parts of the documentary at Power Line Video. Below is part 1; see parts 2-5 there.

Yesterday Dave wrote us about YouTube’s deletion of parts of the documentary:

I was making references to the MSA (Muslim Student Association) because they are the ones behind all of this even though they are able to hide it by letting the radical left do all their dirty work by being the representatives of the Concordia Student Union.
By the way, I was at Concordia during this time and I can tell you for the next five years after the riots we were able to get students to vote in a more moderate student governement. The key to this was turnout as usually only about five percent of students voted for the student body, meaning we didn’t have a representative government. Every year became more and more difficult to get moderates elected as the situation improved and when things got quieter student apathy set it. Next week Concordia is set for new elections. If the MSA backed party wins they get 1.4 million dollars of student money to do pretty much as they please. Let’s hope this enough people see this and will be able to prevent it from happening on their campus once they see the signs…

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