E.J. Dionne’s “morning in America”

E.J. Dionne’s column in today’s Washington Post is called “Morning in America.” In it, Dionne celebrates the transformative power of the difficulties we have encountered in Iraq. Dionne seems to delight in the hope that these difficulties will signal the end of a “bold” and “robust” foreign policy in which the U.S. is able to act as the “sole remaining superpower.”
Dionne also castigates Republicans for allegedly questioning in 2002 the patriotism of those who didn’t want us to go to war. The best example of such “questioning” Dionne can come up is a statement by Rep. Reynolds of New York stating that to the extent Democrats oppose the war, it will be a campaign issue (how could it not be, then or now?). Reynolds might have had a better campaign issue if he’d known that critics of the war would view our difficulties in Iraq as ringing in “morning in America.”
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