Reich’s Blow-Up

Robert Reich, Dartmouth ’68, is a principled liberal with a sense of humor. As a Dartmouth undergrad, Reich distinguished himself academically, but he also contributed funny, self-deprecating cartoons to the humor magazine (I worked for the magazine my senior year and saw them in the magazine’s archives). His cartoons revolved around the subject of height; Reich stands 4’10”. See this Washington Post story about Reich’s height. I’ve admired him from a distance for a long time.
Reich is a certified Friend of Bill who served honorably in the Clinton administration. He continues to preach the old time religion, touting tax increases on “the rich” as the key to prosperity. He has recently taken up blogging (here) and video blogging. In the first three installments of his video blogging, he discusses his “date” with Hillary Clinton. Reich recalls that the date occurred during his sophomore year at Dartmouth, when both he and she were class presidents and he convened a “presidential summit.” They must have seen the film at Hanover’s Nugget Theater, the only commercial theater in town, although the date of the film’s release (December 1966) doesn’t jibe with Reich’s memory.

In the second installment of his video blog (parts 1 and 3 are also available at the link), he “reveals” that he took Hillary to see “Fellini’s Blow-Up,” which he repeats several times in scandalous tones. In its story on Reich’s account, The Hill repeats his statement that Reich took Hillary to “Fellini’s Blow-Up.” Even I remember that it was Antonioni’s “Blow-Up,” not Fellini’s. I also remember that if you hang in there, you get a chance to see the Yardbirds in action with Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck doing a knock-off of the Who (above).
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