Live-Blogging: Let’s Have More!

Participants in the Forum have developed an innovation (for us, anyway)–live-blogging televised news events. It started last week with Valerie Plame’s Senate testimony. That thread now has more than 400 posts. Today, the same Forum participant (Rocketman, no relation) started a thread in which he and others are live-blogging Al Gore’s testimony on global warming.
I think this is a great idea. Bloggers have been live-blogging for a long time, and it’s an especially good way to follow a news event that takes place during the day when most people can’t follow it. Live-blogging on the Forum is especially good, because readers can get more than one person’s reaction to the event, and the observers can exchange comments among themselves.
So I think it’s an idea with a lot of promise. In the future, if there is an event that you want to live-blog on the Forum, send me an email using the Forum email system (just click on my member name), and I’ll try to publicize it. If you haven’t already done so, it’s one more good reason to register to post on the Forum.


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