The Traveling Imams Meet Their Match

Scott noted yesterday the latest development in the case of the Six Traveling Imams, who have sued U.S. Airways and the Metropolitan Airports Commission here in Minneapolis, and have said that they intend to sue the individuals who expressed concerns about their activities to the U.S. Airways crew. A Muslim organization, the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, has said it will raise money to fund a defense for these “John Doe” defendants, and our good friend (and my law partner) Gerry Nolting has offered to defend any of them for free.
Last night, KSTP television had a good story on the controversy, that included a brief interview with Gerry. Here it is:

UPDATE: The Minneapolis Star Tribune follows up on KSTP’s story. Gerry says he has gotten a remarkable amount of feedback since going public with his offer, all of it positive.
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