Democrats In Disarray

The wheels started to come off for the Democrats’ leadership in the House today. They had to pull their unconstitutional bill to grant “voting rights” to the District off the floor after they were out-maneuvered by the Republicans, who offered a motion to repeal the District’s gun control law. A number of Democrats would have supported that measure, which is anathema to the leadership and most of the party’s base.
Drudge says that Steny Hoyer was “seen yelling at staff on [the House] floor,” while Nancy Pelosi was “absent because she is desperately searching for Iraq supplemental votes.” The D.C. bill is a sideshow, of course; where the Democrats are seriously is disarray is on the war. The Associated Press reports: Dems Struggle to Unite Caucus on Iraq:

Democrats are divided on the issue and hold only a narrow majority in Congress. Their leaders, hands tied if just a few members stray, are finding it tough to pass legislation that would require Bush to start bringing troops home.
[S]everal hurdles remained. Several anti-war liberals were expected to join Republicans in opposing the measure because they say it continues to bankroll an immoral war. And if the bill does scrape by in the House, it may sink in the Senate, where many Democrats have resisted firm timetables on the war.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., continued Wednesday to press party members to back the bill, unsure whether she had enough votes to pass it. In a closed-door meeting, former President Carter’s national security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, tried to convince party skeptics that the bill was their best chance at ending the war.
Pelosi initially had planned for a final vote Thursday but pushed it off until Friday, a tactic that gives her more time to ensure she has the votes to pass it.

Tomorrow should be another interesting day.
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