Domenici giveth, Domenici taketh away

I’ve just emerged after a few intense days of lawyer work, and I’m happy to see that Alberto Gonzales is still the A.G. It’s not that I’m a fan of Gonzales, but the public record as it stands does not contain evidence that warrants his ouster. If such evidence exists, or if Gonzales botches what is likely to be a difficult appearance before the Senate, then he’ll probably go. But anyone who thinks President Bush is going to be rolled by Congress and the MSM, especially when it comes to a friend in his inner circle, hasn’t been paying attention for the past six years.
But the MSM keeps trying. Yesterday, the New York Times turned the floor over to fired, and plainly disgruntled, prosecutor David Iglesias of New Mexico. His dismissal has come the closest to bothering me because the state’s Republican politicians seem to have been involved and it may be that they were unhappy because he wasn’t prosecuting voter fraud cases in which they arguably had an indirect political interest. However, as Ed Whelan explains, Igiesias fails to show that the White House acted improperly when it dismissed him. I can’t improve on Ed’s analysis, so I’ll simply quote key paragraph:

Understood in a very broad sense,


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