Ain’t nobody here but us chickens

The Wall Street Journal has made Katherine Kersten’s Cross Coutry column “Shariah in Minnesota?” freely available. We noted Kathy’s column here yesterday. Kathy is a twice-weekly columnist for the Star Tribune. In her columns, Kathy has stood virtually alone in asking why it is that Minneapolis, of all places in the United States, faces the eruption of controversies over Sharia law. The Journal column knits together much of the substance of her reportage and analysis.
Sometimes it appears that Kathy is from Mars and that her Star Tribune colleagues are from Venus. Such is the case today with the page one article by Star Tribune reporter Curt Brown on the same subject as Kathy’s Wall Street Journal column (as well as many of her Star Tribune columns, which Brown appears to have missed). Brown stays resolutely on the surface. In Brown’s world, what we have here is a “culture clash.” In Brown’s world, “ain’t nobody here but us chickens” is the perfectly reasonable response to Farmer Brown’s query.
John will have more on Brown’s article and its sideswipe of Power Line later. In the meantime, that’s my take.


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