Check Out Our Advertisers (Please)

I don’t know how much attention you pay to our advertisers, but we’d appreciate it if you would take note of them. Sites like ours have a remarkably good demographic for almost any kind of advertiser, and a uniquely desirable demographic for some advertisers.
If you check out our Blogads, you will see that Presidential campaigns, among others, are advertising here. The campaigns know that many of our readers are not only politically active, but are in a position to influence others. Likewise, if you note the Chevron mini-banner ad above our first post [Note: it isn’t there all the time], you will see a number of links. You can post on the Chevron site and add your comments on the energy issues that the site addresses. Again, companies like Chevron want to advertise on our site because they know how influential and how seriously engaged with the issues many of our readers are.
Long-term, we think it is a good thing for sites that try to carry on a level of political discourse above what you normally find in newspapers, etc., to be economically viable. Short term, of course, we’re happy to get a little ad revenue. So we’d appreciate it if you click on our advertisers’ links and see what they have to say.


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