Bring on the Hulk!

My pal and law partner Gerry Nolting has gotten a lot of good publicity since he volunteered to represent (for free) any “John Doe” citizens who are sued for reporting suspicious airport behavior. But no one has yet outdone Kathy Kersten in her column this morning:

[T]he real bull in the imams’ china shop is right here in Minnesota. Like some legal equivalent of Hulk Hogan, Gerry Nolting of Minneapolis law firm Faegre & Benson, came storming out of his corner last week.
He wants to take on the imams’ lawsuit against the John Does. And he’s offering his services free of charge.
Nolting is a trial lawyer extraordinaire. In the Exxon Valdez oil spill case, the mother of all environmental claims, he was part of a team that won $5 billion in punitive damages against Exxon, the largest such judgment ever at the time. When he’s not chasing oil companies, Nolting is trying Superfund hazardous waste clean-up cases, or wading through complex anti-trust and trade secret litigation.
A decade ago, he was named Trial Lawyer of the Year by Trial Lawyers for Public Justice.
Are you listening, imams?
Why would someone who has spent his life doing complex litigation volunteer to champion Mom and Pop John Does?

Gerry answers the question eloquently; read it all. I’m not sure Gerry will live down the “Hulk Hogan” reference any time soon.


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