Looking at the regional war

Historian Arthur Herman is the author of books including, most recently, one on the British Navy. In yesterday’s New York Post he addressed the display of British impotence in the face of Iran’s seizure of British sailors and marines.
The display of British impotence seems to me of a piece with the display of American impotence in the face of the acts of aggression committed by Iran against the American military in Iraq. Another report today, for example, sourced to American intelligence, indicates that Hezbollah forces are training Iraqi terrorists in the use of the particularly lethal roadside bombs killing Americans and Brits in Iraq.
Herman is also the author of the featured essay — “How to win in Iraq — and and how to lose” — in the forthcoming issue of Commentary. The essay has now been posted on OpinionJournal.
At Commentary’s Contentions, Saul Singer has favorable comments on Secretary Rice’s diplomatic mission to Israel and its unfriendly neighbors.


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