From our friends in Iraq

We continue to hear from readers who are themselves in Iraq, or who have friends or relatives in Iraq, with messages responding to “To our readers in Iraq.” We have posted two messages from Marine Gunnery Sergeant Steven Krueger (here and here). Yesterday we also heard from his mother:

I am the mother of Gunnery Sgt Krueger, and I want to thank you so much for publishing Steve’s letter. I know it means a lot to him. As you are aware this is Steve’s third depoloyment to Iraq and he leaves behind a wife and two beautiful sons. I know he misses them but he also believes in what he does in the Marine Corps.
I have to tell you since he was a very young man, he always wanted to be a Marine. He has been all over the world and has trained with many different coutries and has made many friends. He is usually a very quiet person and doesn’t speak his mind and I was really surprised at the letter. He so believes in this and I wish people would just put politics behind and understand we need to continue with this effort. I suppose because many people have never lived the life of a soldier, Marine, airman or sailor, can understand the sacrifices these young men and women, along with their families. We didn’t go in the military for the money, that’s for sure. Again, thank you for publishing his letter, I know its means a lot to him…
Thank you.
Marilynn Rask

Mrs. Rask also sent us the photo of Gunnery Sergeant Krueger with his platoon (above), adding “he is on the far right of the picture (the one without a gun). This is the first tour for most of these men.”
An Army lieutenant writes from Baghdad:



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